Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I knew it would eventually happen...

Oh, the joys of soapmaking!

I have yet to find a local source of lye that does not include little metal shavings to prevent people from using it to make meth (Lye is the the saponification agent in soap..aka: what makes soap turn to soap...and apparently also a key component in meth manufacturing). Soooo, I've had to buy it from vendors on the internet. Normally I don't have an issue with the shipment, they scan it through xrays and see neatly labeled bottles and its on the way.

THIS TIME.....I actually still keep giggling when I think of it....

They opened my package....

Because it looked like a shipment of cocaine!

I'll have to get a picture up in a bit but imagine the package going through the xray, the bored scanner is picking his nose and swatting flies, tired of seeing the same ol' socks from granny or mp3 player, when all of a sudden...a brick of cocaine pops up on your screen. BINGO!

4lbs of lye was put into a big gallon baggie, sealed and taped shut, and then wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap. Now I don't know about you, but I've seen plenty of mob movies and cops episodes to see how the smugglers bundle coke, and this matched it to a T.

I just really hope the postal inspector didn't take a wiff or a little taste since lye will burn your skin off when mixed with moisture. Literally.


  1. Oh my, I never would have thought that soap making would be so problematic :/ -- good luck!

  2. too funny! a bit of excitement for the x-ray scanner.. i wonder if he was disappointed it turned out to be lye.