Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I Hate Lavender

Yo Lavender! I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish but, gardenia is the best flower of all time. OF ALL TIME!

I really, really don't like the smell of lavender. I find the smell of lavender to be musky, dry and too grandma-esque for my personal tastes. The musky smell is what draws many people in however; deep, smooth and rich. Its calming, relaxing, simple, yada-yada. Ew.

A soaper that doesn't use lavender...GASP! Lavender seems to be the generic scent for artisan soaps, and as a soapmaker, I am expected to love lavender and to USE it. If you go into any highend soap shop, lavender is very predominant. I actually had to turn a buyer down recently because she wanted a custom order of multiple lavender. I let her know I did not use the scent, but would be happy to buy the essential oil for her order for a $3 supply surcharge on the order total (pretty good deal since good lavender is more like $12). I received no response so obviously she declined. I'm sorry I am not L'OCCITANE, I am not Crabtree & Evelyn. I am not even Bath & Body Works (do they even use lavender?)...I don't like to use what I don't like myself.

Even so, I gave in and purchased lavender oil. It hasn't arrived yet and I'm not sure I can bring myself to even use it when it does. I mean it is easily found in a bevy of beauty products so obviously someone is buying it. Any thoughts? Am I rejecting a large market by NOT using lavender?

Coming soon: Lavender and Chocolate-Chip Cookie Bar Soap. Smells just like Grandma! (Just kidding. Kinda)


  1. Lavender is to soapmaking as cobalt blue is to pottery.

    (Although sadly it doesn't loan itself to a song on the subject as well as "The Cobalt Blues" does.)

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