Tuesday, August 31, 2010

break out the pen and paper...write a letter!

In a day where email is instant and "snail mail" is just that, letter writing and card sending seems to be a thing of the past. In honor of those who still send cards and handwritten notes and cards, or just love to receive these themselves, I have collected some of my favorite cards and stationary. I'm in a silly mood today so they all have a bit of a twist. Enjoy :)ableandgame on ETSY

WryAndGinger on ETSY

sycamorestreetpress on ETSY

bebeandalice on ETSY

upup on ETSY

Monday, August 30, 2010

the fuzzy wuzzies with a soundtrack

Have you ever had an experience so surreal, it takes all words from you and leaves you with nothing but a feeling.? Warm and like butterflies, but completely outside any vocabulary..in any language.

It sounds completely silly, but Friday night was exactly that. Hubs and I went to see a band I grew up with, Something Corporate, at The Grove in Anaheim. I've been to the venue dozens of times, I've gone to probably 500 concerts in my 24 years (and no, that is not an exaggeration. I was at one point going to up to 5 a week, and could even fit in multiple a day if I timed it right..my record is 3 in one day).

So why was this particular show SO much different?

A guy yelled up to Andrew (the singer/pianist) in a break between songs that "it felt like high school all over again." It did, and I know everyone in the audience felt that too. I was reliving feelings of simpler times; of happy and sad; memories of the mysterious panic attack I had on the freeway one night while "Down" was playing; flashbacks to the car accident that could have paralized me as my iPod decided to play "Cavanaugh Park" twice in a row; feeling like the world is so big, but so, so tiny at the same time; my mom; my friends; first loves and first breakups. All this hit all at once and it was overwhelming..

There is something magic about music. It can change a mood, change the tone of a room, make or break your day. Besides loving the music itself, I love seeing music performed live. There's something so interesting to me in seeing who else likes a band enough, they'll spend money (sometimes quite a bit) to see the band live. Seeing people who otherwise would never meet, or wouldn't get along, wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with, whatever...are brought together by a common interest. Geeks, bros, artsy, athletic, moms and dads, little brothers and sisters. Every race, every religion, everyone.

I will always answer the question "would you rather be blind or deaf" the same: I would much rather give up the light of day, to never see art, MY art, than to have music taken from me.