Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm currently running my "I WANT A SALE" sale from now until Halloween (Sat Oct 31st). All orders will receive 10% off all items in my shop. Woooot!

THE FIRST BUYER to take me up on this sale will receive a free pair of earrings :)http://blackdahliadesigns.etsy.com

open letter to my blog

Dear Blog,

I know it seems I have been ignoring you lately and truthfully, I have been.

But I promise: its not you, its me.

I have neglected you and for that I am sorry. I have been so busy creating, working, re-decorating, more creating, whatever...that I have not taken time to make you the best you can be. You're really not the prettiest thing right now, but thats completely my fault. I expect so much and when things don't turn out right, sometimes I lose hope. Blog, I promise to you right now that I will scope out the prettiest things and find the most interesting topics to converse on you. It may be a hard road, but I'll start today.

Please blog, forgive me!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How AMAZING is this headboard?

Literally, I CANNOT stop drooling over this puppy! Its called Sir Elton and it is made of 5mm arylic in either black or white. It immediately makes any bed look so much more romantic and luxe! I saw this on Kaboodle and have to think of a way to let hubby let me buy it :)
I've been looking for a great headboard and really, I think this is something that not only is totally modern and in-the-now, but it could stand the test of time and look just as relevant when I'm a little old lady. Check out its loveliness here: http://www.sheerhome.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?ref=504&m=5

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

am i the only one desperately waiting for 'where the wild things are?'

Monday, October 12, 2009

knotts scary farm/twilight

If anyone is in southern california, hopefully you've been to knotts berry farm. and even more hopefully you've been to knotts SCARY farm. its pretty much the best halloween attraction you can attend. tons of amazing (and terrifying per my sis-in-law haha) mazes, good shows, fun rides. One of their shows was called 'the hanging' where basically they hang someone. So this witch is discovered, they're gonna hang her...and stick with me on this one but captain kirk and spock and the dr dude appear and kinda save her I guess...but it turns out she's susan boyle from britain's got talent. a bunch of other people appear: heidi and spencer, harry potter, britney spears, taylor swift, octomom and jon & kate. yeah it was weird. but captain kirk is trying to find out who they need to hang to return to the future and fix earths timeline or whatever. then bella and edward from twilight come out, get sickly sweet with eachother. Then they hang edward. Okay so I read twilight and found it slightly amusing but edward getting hung was more amusing. Of course he doesnt die...vampires cant be hung :P

Scary farm is the best :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

my singer featherweight had a baby!

I know...terrible picture BUT....yes my antique sewing machine had a baby :)

My sister in law and I went to an estate sale a street over from where hubby was working at a friend's house. Hubs said if there was anything I wanted, to let him know and I could come pick up money. The sale had a lot of pretty cool stuff and I was admiring some silver tea sets, but nothing I was DYING to have. Then on our way out, I see the cutest little toy sewing machine and I show my SIL. She says 'oh thats not a toy..its a child's machine and they REALLY sew. Turn the handle.' So I do, and it sews! I don't usually carry cash so I call hubby and tell him I'm coming to get money. Once I hang up with him though, we realize it may not be there by the time we got back. The machine was marked $75 and my SIL said she had $70 so we ask the lady if she'd take $70....and she said we could have it for $50! TOTAL score since from what my SIL told me and the research I've done since I got home, these go for about $300! I have the original box and instruction booklets, but I realized while looking through the manuals I do not have the clamp that holds the machine to the table or the spool pin. So as with my featherweight, I'm missing a small but vital piece. Oh well...I'll just have to locate one :)