Monday, October 12, 2009

knotts scary farm/twilight

If anyone is in southern california, hopefully you've been to knotts berry farm. and even more hopefully you've been to knotts SCARY farm. its pretty much the best halloween attraction you can attend. tons of amazing (and terrifying per my sis-in-law haha) mazes, good shows, fun rides. One of their shows was called 'the hanging' where basically they hang someone. So this witch is discovered, they're gonna hang her...and stick with me on this one but captain kirk and spock and the dr dude appear and kinda save her I guess...but it turns out she's susan boyle from britain's got talent. a bunch of other people appear: heidi and spencer, harry potter, britney spears, taylor swift, octomom and jon & kate. yeah it was weird. but captain kirk is trying to find out who they need to hang to return to the future and fix earths timeline or whatever. then bella and edward from twilight come out, get sickly sweet with eachother. Then they hang edward. Okay so I read twilight and found it slightly amusing but edward getting hung was more amusing. Of course he doesnt die...vampires cant be hung :P

Scary farm is the best :)

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