Friday, October 2, 2009

my singer featherweight had a baby!

I know...terrible picture BUT....yes my antique sewing machine had a baby :)

My sister in law and I went to an estate sale a street over from where hubby was working at a friend's house. Hubs said if there was anything I wanted, to let him know and I could come pick up money. The sale had a lot of pretty cool stuff and I was admiring some silver tea sets, but nothing I was DYING to have. Then on our way out, I see the cutest little toy sewing machine and I show my SIL. She says 'oh thats not a toy..its a child's machine and they REALLY sew. Turn the handle.' So I do, and it sews! I don't usually carry cash so I call hubby and tell him I'm coming to get money. Once I hang up with him though, we realize it may not be there by the time we got back. The machine was marked $75 and my SIL said she had $70 so we ask the lady if she'd take $70....and she said we could have it for $50! TOTAL score since from what my SIL told me and the research I've done since I got home, these go for about $300! I have the original box and instruction booklets, but I realized while looking through the manuals I do not have the clamp that holds the machine to the table or the spool pin. So as with my featherweight, I'm missing a small but vital piece. Oh well...I'll just have to locate one :)

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