Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How AMAZING is this headboard?

Literally, I CANNOT stop drooling over this puppy! Its called Sir Elton and it is made of 5mm arylic in either black or white. It immediately makes any bed look so much more romantic and luxe! I saw this on Kaboodle and have to think of a way to let hubby let me buy it :)
I've been looking for a great headboard and really, I think this is something that not only is totally modern and in-the-now, but it could stand the test of time and look just as relevant when I'm a little old lady. Check out its loveliness here: http://www.sheerhome.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?ref=504&m=5


  1. Ok, I'm sold. That is a wonderful piece, and you should have it!