Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm a sucker for aesthetics

Being that I live in a really sucky apartment (granted, its charming in its 50+year old, squeaky floor, tiny kitchen kind of way), I am totally envious of awesome spaces.

Theres something about a beautiful living space that just shows the character of a person, moreso than the clothes they wear on their backs. Clothing is a public item, very often tailored around the ideas of how someone else thinks you should dress. A home is a private place, decorated from the heart (yes, even if all your things are from ikea).

I literally spent hours pouring over http://apartmenttherapy.com/. They have so many pictures of REAL apartments that just make me wanna scream GIMME! Sure, some of these apartments have good bones to begin with (unlike mine), but others (like ME! hehe) have to work with what they have. I like to think I have some sort of decorating sense, but I would hire any of these people in a heartbeat to re-do my space.

*Sigh* I am moving soon (to a house..where I'll have my own private craft room WEEEE!) and am looking everywhere for decorating ideas. Its an older home so we have good details like a beamed vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace. BUT, we also have those lovely remnants of the past: WOOD PANELLING! There is a picture on ApartmentTherapy of some sexy wood panelling. 5% off in my etsy shop if you find it ;)

[picture via http://apartmenttherapy.com/

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet kitty, my jewley shop assistant

Name: Liberace, aka Kitty
Age: 2
Occupation: Production and Photography Assistant, Professional Gemstone Warmer
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, cuddling, sleeping, chasing bugs and dust, hiding hair ties, sleeping, eating, speaking foreign languages, playing arm/lap/foot/neck/head warmer, socializing, sleeping.

Hi, I'm kitty! I'm a 2 year old siamese. My mommy adopted me when I was only 4 months old and to show my appreciation, I have been as helpful as I could be ever since! My mommy organizes her things silly so I reorganize them for her. For example: hair ties and clips seem to make much more sense stored under daddy's dresser. I mean helllooooo! There are so many less germs under the dresser than in the bathroom. Not to mention her bead sorting skills: In my opinion, all beads should go in the same compartment of the bead sorter in no certain order. This idea of sorting by color, size, and type is just silly. Save space and mix them up I say!

I also help in jewelry making. When mommy drops a bead, I pick it up. Sometimes I take the bead on a trip around the house a few times, and sometimes I store it for safekeeping under the dresser with aforementioned hair accessories. OOOH! I also lay on top of new creations to make sure they don't fall off the table. Sometimes they stick to my fur and I end up wearing said item for a while on my tummy, but thats okay...I'm a model. I am a good helper.

Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to the internets! I'm off to help Mommy cook BLT sammiches. If I'm lucky, she'll drop some mayo on the floor...yummy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I did it...my Etsy is live! I've only listed 6 items so far and I'm excited to do more :)

This is just a little preview of what can be found over at my Etsy shop blackdahliadesigns.

I'm going to try to list items every day, and create as much as possible. I received my ooh-la-la gems today so I'll get working on those ASAP. Black diamonds, yellow sapphires and multi colored tourmaline -- oh my!!

Check me out, leave me hearts, maybe buy something pretty. Most of all, enjoy!

I'm Amanda, and I like sparkly things :)

I have always enjoyed creating. Whether it be jewelry, painting, sewing, cooking...you name it, I like it. I have always loved jewelry and have often looked at pieces and said to myself "hey, I can do that!" After discovering jewelry creating is not as easy as I thought, I brushed up on my techniques and slowly developed my skills. I opened up an Etsy shop in the hopes that someone will love my creations as much as I do :)

I have a new camera coming in today so heres HOPING I have pictures up to share. I just have to make sure my darling kitty is not in the way (or that he's having an especially photogenic day so I can at least post pictures of him haha).