Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm a sucker for aesthetics

Being that I live in a really sucky apartment (granted, its charming in its 50+year old, squeaky floor, tiny kitchen kind of way), I am totally envious of awesome spaces.

Theres something about a beautiful living space that just shows the character of a person, moreso than the clothes they wear on their backs. Clothing is a public item, very often tailored around the ideas of how someone else thinks you should dress. A home is a private place, decorated from the heart (yes, even if all your things are from ikea).

I literally spent hours pouring over http://apartmenttherapy.com/. They have so many pictures of REAL apartments that just make me wanna scream GIMME! Sure, some of these apartments have good bones to begin with (unlike mine), but others (like ME! hehe) have to work with what they have. I like to think I have some sort of decorating sense, but I would hire any of these people in a heartbeat to re-do my space.

*Sigh* I am moving soon (to a house..where I'll have my own private craft room WEEEE!) and am looking everywhere for decorating ideas. Its an older home so we have good details like a beamed vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace. BUT, we also have those lovely remnants of the past: WOOD PANELLING! There is a picture on ApartmentTherapy of some sexy wood panelling. 5% off in my etsy shop if you find it ;)

[picture via http://apartmenttherapy.com/

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