Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh yeah...SOAPS ON A BLOG :)

My Cool Citrus Basil Soap is featured on Woop Woop!!

Stressful, stressful week

The week started off simply. Nothing unusual. Nothing odd about anything. Then.....


I got a crazy call from hubs on Tues afternoon that he had a terrible pain behind his eye, he passed out, and woke up 2 hours later on the floor. So I rush home, laughed at him because he did his hair while dressing for the hospital (he said he looked shitty haha), then sat with him at the hospital for about 4 hours. They could not find a thing. He's okay now but its just like WTF made him pass out and stay out for so long?!

Then yesterday I had fun sitting in the Courthouse to contest my traffic ticket. I get to go back on May 14th. Joy :\

Is it sad I'm actually HAPPY to be back at work?! Lol!

I got quite a few batches of soap made yesterday after court. My friend is having a baby very soon so I mixed up a castile soap, no scent and no color, and a chamomile castile as well. I'll work on some liquid for her later she can use as baby shampoo. I also made a cocoa-goat milk soap that looks yummy, and tried a coconut milk soap that will need to be fixed when I get home. So far the soap thing has been going fantastic so I gotta turn myself into a machine and pump out some more scents!