Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fishing is for....girls

While discussing proper coverage at work tomorrow (which is my hard earned, 'every other Friday' off), I announced I was going fishing and told my other 2 coworkers they could decide between themselves who was going to vie for the overtime. To that, the male co-worker who had his eye on the overtime asked, very surprised, "you fish?!" Under normal instances, it would have just been a regular question from anyone like "how's the weather," but the tone in which he asked, and from previous sexist and ignorant statements he's made, I took offense.

"Yes," I proclaimed.

"You like, clean and gut them and filet them too?" he asked.

"Yeah, I could probably name at least 3 ways to skin a catfish, and I'm sure I'd be able to clean a shark if I was asked to."

"What about your husband? He doesn't clean the fish for you?"

"Why would I need him to do something I can do myself? I can fish, I even have a fishing hole in the Everglades named after in, officially on a map...for pulling in the biggest fish to date. As far as I know, no one has broken that record to date. I also like football, beer, and I drive a sports car. Did I just shatter your stereotype of women?"

"..........uh, hmm so you have a spot named after you? Thats cool. How big was the fish?"

"27.8lb grouper...caught when I was 16."

With that, I turned on my heel in my adorable purple Prada flats and let my skirt whip around behind me.

"And I cleaned it all by myself..." I yelled out behind me.

I am just constantly blown away by this guy. He is a sexist homophobe that literally must have been living in a cave before he started working here about 2 years ago. In the world in his mind, I imagine women run around all day barefoot and pregnant, and there are no gay people...oh, but lesbians are hot so they'd be allowed. Women are around to make babies and make dinner, and have no brains or hobbies of any interest. I find myself constantly challenging his narrow minded statements. I don't know if its because he's from a different decade (he graduated high school in the 80s, I was born in the 80s), or if it was how he was raised, or if he's just not tolerant of people different from him. Maybe he's just dumb. I hope for the sake of his 4 daughters, he can one day realize that girls can do anything guys can do...

Only better.
And in cuter shoes.

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  1. ahh this post totally made my day! seriously!
    that ROCKS =]
    yay for proving girls can do anything guys can do.
    i feel like it's a shame that we have to, though.
    oh well, it's moments like these that make it totally worth it!