Monday, September 6, 2010

I did something a little different...

I was having a "soap day" and wanted to do something different than before. I made a few of the usual...

Love Spell type JUMBO bath bomb

Juicy Grapefruit bar

Fruity Loops Breakfast Cereal Bar

And then for fun, I combined my hot process soaps with chunks of yummy scented glycerin soap. I assumed the glycerin would melt inside the hot process soap while it baked in the oven (I use a "in-the-mold hot process method where it bakes in the oven to cure), but was pleasantly surprised when it did not! My husband decided he wanted 'Pineapple Orange
soap and hey....since its summer still for a little bit, that sounded good to me!

Pineapple Orange hot process and glycerin bar

The lesson in this is: try, try, try. If you have an idea, even if you think it might fail, try it! Do you think Thomas Edison got the light bulb right on the first try? Highly unlikely. How are you to further your craft, develop your technique, brag about your secret...unless you try?

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