Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain, rain DONT go away!

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I have been LOVING the rain So Cal has been having lately! I love the rain and for the longest time, had plans to move to Seattle until my mom got sick. Good thing those plans didn't work out or I wouldn't have met lovely hubs..but anyways! The rain has been fantastic. I am someone who loves just standing in the rain and watching it hit the trees, bounce of the leaves, and eventually hit the ground. The smell of rain dripping off the fresh flower petals is indescribable. And not to mention the butterflies in my tummy when I see the resulting rainbow.

Now I'm a little sad. It was absolutely pouring this morning when I woke up and now its sunny with puffy white clouds. Last night Hubs and I went to the grocery store for sugar cookie dough and rum (haha I know, I know!) and the river was about 1 1/2 from flooding over the top! As gorgeous as the river is, and as much as I love living near it, that was an absolute frightening sight! I spent the summer of Hurricane Katrina living in the lower Florida Keys and during Katrina (which we were trapped in the house during), I watched the canal in our backyard reach the top and flow over the grass, washing away everything in its path. Seeing the river as high as it was last night brought back flashbacks of that fun and terrifying summer.

Well I enjoyed it while it lasted! I think I'll spend the day making cookies. Maybe some home-made chocolate chip cookies. Yummm :)

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