Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The holidays are upon us!

Can you believe its almost 2010 already?! I can't! Where has this year gone?

I'm pretty excited for having the fam over for xmas. After stressing so bad (and being sick) for turkey day, this will be MUCH more low key. Since my mom passed away a year and a half ago, we've gotten a bit non-traditional with the celebration. This year on the Christmas menu: tacos! Yes, good old tacos (and quesadillas for my bro's vegetarian gf). For a white girl, I can whip up a mean batch of carne! My dad will be up north with my grandparents, and it'll just be us kids at my house. A house full of twenty-somethings, lots of food and maybe some eggnog..fun times :)

I sit and look at the tree this year and it makes me think of holidays at home. I've gotten the box of ornaments down from my dad's rafters and mixed them with my own. I've got brand new glass balls mixed with zoo ornaments from the 20's..lions, tigers and bears...and a pony :)
The only difference is all the gifts from my dad are wrapped in spongebob wrapping paper and tied with electrical tape instead of ribbon. Mom obviously did all of the wrapping back in the day haha.

This year should be fun, yet sad, but hopefully memorable. It'll be the first xmas I've spent as a married woman, the first with all us kids and our significant others, and the first in MY house. I can't wait..

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  1. Mmmm Xmas tacos sounds good. Hope you have a great holiday season! :)