Monday, November 23, 2009

In the spirit of Thanksgiving..

Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving themed items from Enjoy :)

Of course there are a gazillion and one AMAZING things on etsy. Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Love your Thanksgiving theme items from Etsy! I'm ready for Turkey Day. Hope you have a great one!

  2. Great themed list! I love the apron. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You can easily make the Dirkon. It was originally sent out in a magazine to Soviet Russia as a way for the average person to create art. You can find the plans online. Then all you have to do is print it out and glue it together.

  3. Me too SassyBelle -- I saw it and HAD to include it :)

  4. I seriously LOVE those fabric pumpkins! I saw them on Design Sponge too, do you follow that blog? It's amazing:

    Great list! I'm going to check out the shoppes too. Lovely!